CAA Weekly Updates: Week 5/9, Spring Quarter

College of Adaptive Arts 

CAA Weekly Updates:  Week 5/9, Spring Quarter
We are Different. We are Able
Latest and Greatest  

Three Community Performances This Week:  

1) Wednesday, May 3: CAA Cheer Squad to Perform at Hester Elementary School, 10 - 11am.  

2) Friday, April 28:  10am:  Children's Music Sing Along & Heroes Dance Outreach Galarza Elementary, 1610 Bird Ave., San Jose 95126.  

3) Friday, May 5:  CAA Cheersquad & Latizmo Troupe to perform at Galarza Multicultural Faire, 4pm - 4:25pm, 1610 Bird Ave., San Jose 95125.  

CAA Art Professor Deborah is offering a Beading Workshop:  Tuesday, May 9 (Mid-Quater Break)10:30 - noon, $10.  More detailed information forthcoming.  

Distance Learning (DL) Option is FREE to all CAA students: We'd like to recruit more CAA students to try out distance learning through Skype from home on the days that the tech guys are at CAA. Check out the schedule and email if your student would like to try out distance learning - it is free & we need your feedback!

Fire Drill This Week:  All CAA classes will hold fire & earthquake this week before mid-quarter break.  Please review procedures with your student as we practice fire/earthquake drill safety.  

Latizmo Story Production: Saturday, May 20 at 6pm at Epiphany at the Methodist Church, Kirk road.  More detailed information forthcoming. 

Folding table donations/site purge-clean up:  CAA will be receiving 8 new tables soon from our wonderful neighbors, Community Health Partnership.  We will be donating 8 folding tables - please email DeAnna if interested.  We will also be holding a site purge/clean-up date on a weekend soon - please be thinking about coming out to volunteer if interested.  

Upcoming Events for the Calendar:

  • Wednesday, May 3:  CAA Cheer Squad, 10am, Hester
  • Friday, May 5:  Heroes Dance Troupe & Children's Music Sing Alongto perform at Galarza Elementary, 10am.
  • Friday, May 5:  Latizmo & Cheer to perform at Galarza Multicultural Fair, 4 - 4:25pm.  
  • Saturday, May 6:  Walking Club8:30am, Los Gatos Trail
  • Friday, May 12:  CAA Giving Breakfast, 7:45 - 9am, Scott's Seafood.
  • Friday, June 9:  We Are Different. We Are Able. Community Art & Dance Performances, 11 - 2pm, San Pedro Market Square. 

Mission Moment: 

A father came on a tour this past Friday from Texas who has a 20-year-old daughter with Down syndrome go on the Weekly Friday Tour.  He stated quite matter of factly, "CAA is the only one doing this educational model in the whole country - I have been researching!"
This Week at CAA
  • Wednesday, May 3:  Cheerleaders to perform at Hester Elementary, 10 - 11am
  • Friday, May 5:  Heroes Dance Troupe & Children's Music Sing Along & Possibly Latizmo Troupe to perform at Galarza Elementary,10am.  
  • Friday, May 5:  4pm:  Cheerleaders & Latizmo Troupe to perform at Galarza Multicultural Fair, 1610 Bird Ave.
  • Friday, May 6:  Walking Club8:30am, Los Gatos Trail