Matthew Lindsay

MATTHEW LINDSAYis an Associate Profes-sor and Site Manager at CAA. He recently graduated with his bachelor’s degree in animation and visual effects. He enjoys con-tributing his talents in classes including digital and visual arts, communications, science, language studies, film and the-atre. His acting experience includes work-ing with children with differing abilities in stage rehearsal and performance. He re-cently received his first Hollywood film credits on the International Movie Data-base for technical work on “Eleven,” and acting work on the web series “Hench” and the independent film based on “The Last of Us” titled “Trust.” He loves coming to work every day with his awesome stu-dents and fellow members of CAA’s Super-staff!

Jeremiah Weaver

JEREMIAH WEAVER is a site manager and sports coach at CAA, and is happily married to CAA professor Danie Weaver. His videos can be found on his YouTube channel.